Update: Dish Pickers nails six winners from last eight bets!

UPDATE: The Dish Pickers' incredible run has continues, hitting with six of its last eight bets and returning 92% profit on turnover (POT).

After hitting in all four betting races on Wednesday, our man sent out a total of four tips for Thursday's racing at Angle Park, Dapto and Maitland, nailing two winners and 3.7 units profit for the day.

Over the last two days, Dish Pickers subscribers have invested 34 units in eight races, returning 65.3 units (31.3 units profit, 92% POT).

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Below is the original story published Thursday 21 July ...

YOU can’t do much better than nail 100% of your betting races on any one day.

That’s exactly what our Dish Pickers expert did on Wednesday, returning a 153% profit on turnover from four betting races at Richmond and Wentworth Park.

The results continued the service’s incredible run since inception, with subscribers achieving around the 20% POT mark in the past three months.

Below are the tips sent to Dish Pickers subscribers yesterday:


R5#7 Remas Amber 6 units win @ $2 (also backed #5 Sekonda Belle 1 unit win)

R8#2 Monster Storm 4 units win @ $2.80


R5#4 Clocks Ticking 4 units win @ $2.60

R8#1 Kay Dee Em   3 units win @ $4


Spend: 18 units

Collect: 45.6 units

Profit: 27.6 units

Profit on turnover %: 153% 

But far from resting on his laurels, our man is gearing up for a big weekend of greyhound betting.

Subscribers will receive tips for Thursday’s action in the early afternoon and will also be buttering up again on the Group 1 Maturity semi finals at The Meadows on Saturday night.

“There’s one dog in very keen on in the Maturity semis on Saturday night,” our man said.

“The cream often rises to the top in these big events. Depending on the opposition they’ve raced previously, sometimes the fastest dog in these races doesn’t always have the best win ratio from previous starts.

“But we’re not complaining, that’s how we’ll get our prices and continue to punch out winning weeks on the greys.”

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