Cast your vote on greyhound racing's future

THE NSW Government's decision to shut the state's greyhound racing industry continues to dominate headlines across the state as stakeholders on all sides of the debate have their say.

While concerns regarding the practices of a minority in the industry are roundly recognised as legitimate, many feel that the majority of indolved in greyhound racing - including trainers, breeders, track staff, industry administrators and punters - have not been given a fair go.

Now it is time for you, the punters, to have your say.

The Daily Telegraph has published a two-part poll for the general public to share their thoughts on whether the state's greyhound industry should continue, and if so, whether tighter regulations should be enforced.

The Punters Show is calling on all readers, viewers and subscribers to share their thoughts via the two-question poll that should take no more than 30 seconds to complete.

Your voice is crucial in fighting for those affected by this decision.

You can cast your vote here.